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Not sure if this is the same problem as above…

My configuration: M1000 (2.7.65) wireless, nslu2 wired with unslung 6.8 and stable firefly.

It all works really well except for this: Exactly 2 hours after restarting the m1000, it loses the firefly server. This happens both when playing from firefly and when idle/doing something else. Only recovery is by rebooting the m1000 again. Cycling mt-daapd on the nslu2 does not help.

I was considering posting this at the Roku forum, but I don’t have this problem with a WMC server running on WinXP. (I recently installed the nslu2 with firefly because I don’t want the PC running 24/7)

Some threads, mainly at the roku forums suggest wifi problems with these kind of problems , but I’m guessing this must be something else, because the WMC over wifi is stable at all times.

Have not tried a nightly yet, but will do if anyone suggests that may help.