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Reply To: Firestarter Setup–Firewall Issues–I Think I Got It!!!



@bbjonz wrote:

Hi Everyone,

It seems that my firewall (Firestarter) on Ubuntu Server 6.06 (Dapper Drake) won’t allow Firefly to broadcast. When I turn Firstarter off, iTunes sees the playlist from the server, but when it’s on no dice. I’ve done quite a bit of searching and implemented all the solutions I’ve found. I’ve enabled ports 3689 and 5353 incoming and outcoming. Any suggestions would be helpful. I use the GUI for firestarter which seems pretty easy and intuitive. If another filewall is a better choice I’ll give it a try. Thanks in advance.


I’ve never been able to get firestarter to work, and never got any feedback from anyone that they have managed to get it to work either.

It may be as simple as a fundamental misunderstanding on my part, but I just can’t get it to go.

Any firewall that will allow multicast should work, and failing that, if you can pass traffic to/from to and from 5353, it should work.

I wish I could help, since I’ve gotten this question several times and I’ve never been able to help, even despite loading a system from scratch and installing firestarter. I somehow just don’t get it.

To be completely truthful, I’ve found that working with the raw iptables commands much more intuitive and a lot less work than firestarter. That’s just me, I guess.

— Ron.