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ust the first. And that’s assuming a fair bit. id3v2 only supports multiple generes if the are numeric genres — one of the predefined winamp ones. If you have multiple genres that are ad-hoc (which *all* of mine are), then it doesn’t work. CCRdude posted a nice post on support for multiple genres that I’ll probably digest and try to implement on this side, but mostly the multiple genre stuff is broken. As is multiple artists, etc.

Interesting. That explains a bit. I use

ID3-TagIT 3

as mp3 tagt editor and it definitly does multiple NON-NUMERIC genres. And I have also already stumbled on downloaded mp3’s which did have multiple non-numeric genres that this program did correctly recognize and edit. I am speaking of v2.4 tags here. So if that is not officially supported by id3v2, then it does at least work inofficially quite reliable already.

This mp3 tagger also allows to incorporate pictures in 3 modes into the tags:
1. saved with the mp3
2. full link to file
3. Relative link to file
Couldnt check how firefly deals with these entries yet though. That and lyrics etc. Lots of advanced tag options that likely aint really made use of much yet.

Ok, now I try to dig up CCRDudes post.