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@mas wrote:

I do have some mp3’s where not all tags are right. To be precise its a nice mixture of v1.0, v1.1, v2.3 and v2.4 tags on these files. Many have a v1 and a v2 tag, and sometimes these dont match.

How does firefly handle this?

If both v1 and v2 tags are present, it reads v1 tags first, then overwrites any duplicates with the v2 tag info. So they both get read, and merged together with a preference for v2 tags.

The v2 tags support multiple genres. So you can set a song to be Progressive Rock as well as Rock and Pop. What does firefly do with it? Find and announce em with all 3 genres or just the top genre?

Just the first. And that’s assuming a fair bit. id3v2 only supports multiple generes if the are numeric genres — one of the predefined winamp ones. If you have multiple genres that are ad-hoc (which *all* of mine are), then it doesn’t work. CCRdude posted a nice post on support for multiple genres that I’ll probably digest and try to implement on this side, but mostly the multiple genre stuff is broken. As is multiple artists, etc.

That’s one of the goals for the next db re-write… to be able to support that.