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@bkaatz wrote:

Hmmm. There is much in your response that I do not understand.

Okay, so I’m to assume that you didn’t build it from source, but rather are trying to get the nightlies as installed from the .dmg to do flac on the mac?

That will be hard. Easiest way would be to rebuild it from scratch and then toss he binaries that you build into the right places to make the prefs pane and stuff continue to work. The problems you are going to have is that you don’t have a program to do the transcoding (as firefly relies on an external program [flac] to do the transcoding).

Likewise, you won’t have metadata — album, title, artist, etc, since you don’t have the flac libraries necessary to read that info.

It will take some work to get it all built. Is that something you want to do? You’ll have to install fink, the program used to install unix libraries and stuff, and then building it from source. It isn’t terribly hard, though. If you want to tackle it, I’m willing to help.

I accidently deleted the additional Library Folder I had pointed to the folder on my external drive where I keep my .flac files and now FF won’t let me add it back (“/volume/maxtor/music/lossless” and the error i get is “Error: 500general:mp3_dir”). I’m new to the Mac…but I manage to get that folder viewable via SB this morning – even if the .flac files wouldn’t play.

Check from the terminal, and make sure that’s the right folder, and that case is right.

MUSIC FILES/Extensions = .mp3,.m4a,.m4p,.aiff,.flac
TRANSCODING/SSC Codec Types = FLAC=/sw/bin/flac

ssc codec types shold be “alac,flac” (the flac still won’t work, but that’s what it should be).

I’ve already promised a couple folks that I’d work on flac, so maybe I’ll give that a shot yet this weekend.

— Ron