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@bbjonz wrote:


I think I have mt-daapd setup correctly but iTunes 7 can’t see the share. From what I’ve read, iTunes 7 might be the problem. If so, stop me here! If not, here’s my setup:


Ubuntu Server Dapper Drake
Most recent nightly build of mt-daapd (can see it and modify it in my browser. Says the server is running but that bonjour is not–I’ve read that this might be a bug. Configured correctly, as far as I know.)
Firestarter firewall disabled (for now)
Avahi daemon that seems to be running (might this conflict with pre-installed bonjour daemon?)


Powerbook G4 (10.4.8)
iTunes 7.0.2
Firewall disabled (for now)

Please let me know if I’ve missed anything here. Thanks in advance for any and all help.


You should be able to configure with –enable-avahi to get it working with avahi, that would be better than using the built-in one.

That should probably do it.