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Reply To: Firefly 1.1b svn version?



@hpsenicka wrote:

Firefly 1.1b has just been released on the Roku website.

It appears to be based on svn-1483.

Would the svn-1483 .ipk package for the slug also be considered as a 1.1b version? I an still using an older version of mt-daapd on my slug and would like to upgrade to a more up-to-date release, but am having trouble deciding which version to use.

It’s 1483, but it’s really derived from 1359… it’s 1359 + high dollar fixes from 1359 to current.

I want to work on stabilizing the trunk again, and then making the roku stuff come off trunk rather than off 1359.

In any event, hold off until tonights nightly. I think tonights nightly will have the signal handling fixes, fix some memory leaks, and generally be a good release.

It will be r1494 or so.

— Ron