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@mas wrote:

Don’t know, but there are some issues with stopping the thing gracefully on the slug. I think tonights nightlies will have a fix for signal handling on the slug, and hopefully it will be able to shutdown and restart gracefully.

You won’t see it the next time you install nightlies, but the time after *that* it should be more graceful. (/me crosses his fingers)

I think you got it fixed. I used to do a killall -9 mt-daapd to get it down. Without the -9 it would create zombies.
Now a normal killall mt-daapd is sufficient. I still do have to send the kill signal to more than one process though. A simple kill will force me to repeat it 3-4x for different processes.

If tonights nightly works right, then killall mt-daapd will send sigterms to all the processes, which should be ignored by all the threads except the process leader, which should initiate a graceful shutdown.

That’s the theory, anyway. We’ll see. Every time I get something working on linuxthreads, it breaks on nptl or bsd threads. Grrr. Signal handling is the suck. It’s almost as unportable as java.

— Ron