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@yak0v wrote:

1. There are a few memory leaks reported (log file is available if needed).

Yup, but right now I think they are all reasonable ones — global vars and stuff, but nothing that accumulates over time. (I don’t think). I’m going to supress stuff that I know about so I only get stuff that’s unknown.

2. Killing the process with -k switch doesn’t work when mt-daapd is started in daemon mode. After looking at os_init() and _os_daemon_start() routines I believe it’s because PID of parent is being written to the PIDFILE, however after fork() parent process exits and PIDFILE has PID that no longer exists. Hence the following message “kill: No such process”.

Plus, -k sends SIGSTOP rather than SIGTERM. D’oh. All of these are fixed in svn, will build new nightlies tonight.

3. When started in foreground mode the mt-daapd doesn’t exit when stopped with ^-C. Each process has to be manually killed with SIGQUIT.

Should now… had problems with linuxthreads, I’d be interested in hearing if you have any more problems with what’s in current svn (r1494)

Do you have plans to give anonymous access to SVN? Are you looking or will you accept code contributions? My main area of interest is streaming video, but I can also help with code clean-up and bug/security fixes.

Sure! I’ll always take help. Anon svn right now is on sf, but I’m going to move it off sf soon. For now, it’s at:

I was going to start looking at fixing up metadata for xmbc and frontrow, I think that might help fix streaming video problems, but I’ll sure welcome the help. Two of us could fix it twice as fast, i think.

— Ron