Reply To: Allnet AL6200 / firefly


Hi Falk,

there is a compiled version ( mt-daapd-svn-1498.tar.gz) for Allnet 6200 on

Pls be aware, that you need the “individualized” firmware from Zaphot. You can find it here: Make sure, you catch the right one (ALL6200_402-zap3a.bin for Allnet 6200).

I’ve installed the firmware and it is stable. Unfortunaly, you have to reset the box by pressing the factory reset button after the firmware update, means you have to run the whole setup again. Installing the firmware, you blow your guarantee for your NAS!! But it has some goodies like hdparm for spinning down the hdd, telnet, etc.

I’ll try to install the mt-daapd version tonight and give it a try.

The moderator speaks very good english and gives a very good support fairly quick!