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@falk wrote:


I have a Allnet Nas ALL6200 (ext3) – does anyone know if it is possible to run the firefly mediaserver on this?

The NAS Allnet ALL6200 identically with these models:

NAS Flepo F6200
NAS Longshine LCS-8200, LCS-8210
NAS Synetic NAS-Mini
NAS Novac NV-NAS390
NAS Repotec RP-NA200
NAS Netronix NH-200
NAS Infosmart INHD88


Wow. Looks lika pretty capable box. Intel i80219 reference board at 400Mhz (, 256Mb RAM (with a DIMM slot, upgradable to 1G!).

Looks like it’s probably the same as the Tecus N2100, which seems to be hacked already for debian:

If you can get a debian install on it, you can get anything on it, including firefly.

– Ron