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@rpedde wrote:

Ah, but does the playcount?

Hi Ron. Not sure how I check that. Where would I look?

But I think I have hit a more serious problem. If I initiate a scan, either timed, or from the web page with Start Scan, then well towards the end of the scan (maybe even at the end) the mt-daapd process gets killed! If I delete the database file mt-daapd.db and then stop and restart the NSLU2 I get back up and running again.

I wanted to get back to svn-1463 to see if it was due to any music files that I had added, but I don’t think I added anything between yesterday when it worked and upgrading today when it broke.

Did you change stuff in scanning? Or can you tell me (simply) how to allow svn-1463 to reinstall? It won’t at the moment because ipkg sees 1488 which is “up to date”.



Setup: NSLU2 (266MHz), Unslung 6.8 (to stick), SoundBridge M1000 (wireless), Linksys WAG354G-UK (ADSL router)