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Reply To: lossy and lossless files in harmony in a music library: How?



@c_j_bolt wrote:

I don’t think I was clear enough though (unless i missunderstood your advice). I’m happy with the MP3 files and Flacs coexisting in the same directory, I just don’t want to see the files twice in my soundbridge when I browse the firefly library after scanning.

I had a similar requirement. Here’s what I did. I setup a Music folder with 2 subfolders: one named “FLAC” & the other called “MP3”. I use Exact Audio Copy (EAC) with the REACT2 add-in (check out; EAC & REACT are widely used there). It’s easy to configure REACT to automatically and accurately rip your CD’s to both FLAC and MP3 in one pass. All of your metadata will be identical. I then setup 2 instances of my media server (currently use Twonky but plan to add FireFly on an NSLU2 for the iTunes clients in my home). One streams the FLAC library which i use mostly on my high-end home stereo; the other streams MP3s to the 3 soundbridges I have which conserves bandwidth and processing loads (transcoding). The MP3 library is also used with iTunes to keep me in music in my car and at work. The soundbridge now sees 2 servers giving listeners the option of streaming the highest quality possible, or the MP3s.