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Reply To: mt-daapd Automatic Startup Upon Ubuntu Startup [solved]



@onedotseven wrote:

The version that I have is the one served with the default install of Ubuntu 6.10. And I don’t think daap is a plugin with the latest versions (it is a plugin for Banshee), and there’s nothing similar to rhythmbox-daap in the repos.

This is weird… If I start Banshee, Rhythmbox and Itunes at the same time (and Firefly working as well), I see all 3 shares in Banshee and iTunes, but I only see iTunes’ share in Rhythmbox! It seems like Rhythmbox is not seeing/looking for shares on the system it is installed.

Still googling for more info.

Might be that it only looks for them on the default port. Some program do tat. Not sure why.