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Reply To: Error parsing playlist



@discman92651 wrote:

I just loaded up the latest Firefly…..svn1359 and get the same result as follows:

There are newer versions here, but it may be something as simple as a corrupt database.

It might be worth stopping the server, moving the songs.db from c:program filesfirefly media server to something else (songs.db.old, maybe?), then restarting the server.

If that does it, I would be interested in seeing the “songs.db.old”.

Based on the error message above, I thought perhaps there is one character of syntax that is causing it to bomb along the way…..

It might be, but that error should be both erroneous and have no side effects. But if it really is breaking it, that’s why I’d like to see the database.

Do let me know if that fixes it.


— Ron