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Reply To: Error parsing playlist



I just loaded up the latest Firefly…..svn1359 and get the same result as follows:

2007-01-16 14:46:33 (9939e4c0): Error parsing playlist: Offset 1: Expecting field name
2007-01-16 14:46:33 (9939e4c0): Playlist 7528072 bad syntax2007-01-16 14:46:39 (9939e4c0): Scanned 19068 songs (was 19068) in 75 seconds

I do have the config set properly as far as where the files are located and it has always been set to Process m3u to yes………

To be specific, I have the system pointed to D:Davids MusiciTunes. In this case, inside the iTunes folder is the library.xml as well another folder inside of which contains all the music in my collection… the top of the tree is the iTunes folder and both the xml and all mp3 etc files are under this one folder…..that worked before (a few months ago) and I have never changed it.

Based on the error message above, I thought perhaps there is one character of syntax that is causing it to bomb along the way…..