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@discman92651 wrote:

Everything works great, but my playlists (static and smart) do not seem to be updating from iTunes to Firefly. In the Firefly Server log, I am seeing the following error mesages:

2007-01-16 10:47:21 (9939e4c0): Error parsing playlist: Offset 1: Expecting field name

2007-01-16 10:47:21 (9939e4c0): Playlist 7532136 bad syntax2007-01-16 10:47:27 (9939e4c0): Scanned 19068 songs (was 19068) in 119 seconds

Can you please point me in the right direction?


I think you have a fairly old version of firefly. The error is a superfluous one, and should have been fixed some time ago.

As for why it doesn’t see your iTunes playlists, it’s one of two things:

1. You don’t have your “my Music” (or wherever you have your iTunes Music Library.xml file) in your music path


2. You don’t have “Process m3u” set to “Yes” in the web config.

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