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Reply To: Streaming Mt-daapd to Soundbridge – iTunes playlists problem



@alan_birch wrote:

Let me attempt to step back and look at the bigger picture, maybe there’s another way…

There is *always* another way. Here’s one.

One is to move your “My Music” folder up to the network.

1. Make a share on the slug (Music?), so you have \mediaslugmusic
2. Copy everything in your “My Music” to \mediaslugmusic
3. Install the “tweakui” powertoy:

4. Run it, and change “My Computer” -> “Special Folders” -> “My Music” to \mediaslugmusic
5. Reboot, cross your fingers, and start iTunes. It should look the same, but it should now be reading the iTunes Music Library.xml from the network. Make a change (change a playlist?) and exit iTunes. Then verify the time and date on the network copy of the iTunes Music Library.xml changed.
6. Now, do the symlink trick, and symlink the itms.xml from \mediaslugmusic to the music library folder, as described before.

NOTE: I haven’t tested this at all, but it should work. You probably want to back up the contents of your “My Music” before you do this, in case it explodes or something. I don’t think there is much downside, though. At worst, you might have to re-import your music into iTunes.

That I think gets most of your requirements — it basically moves your “My Music” folder to the network.

— Ron