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Reply To: Streaming Mt-daapd to Soundbridge – iTunes playlists problem



1. What is the Playlist File? What does it do? I assume that is where the “smart” playlists are stored?

They were in an old version. Now these are stored inside the database, so that field is no longer important… imho… but why is it still there in the config? Hmmm 😉

2. What is the Compilations Folder?

iTunes is able to display compilations separately (there’s an option somewhere where you can tell it to list artists from compilations sa “Compilations” or “Various Artists” or something, so the Artist overview isn’t too filled with artists with just a single song. If you have all compilations in such a subfolder, enter that one here, and iTunes will be able to do that handling with Firefly as well. Quite useful imho 🙂

As for the other stuff… tagging, I do with a completely separate application (TagsRevisited and ID3TagIT). Ripping I do use FLAC or MP3, not ALAC, using CDex (maybe will try EAC = ExactAudioCopy instead). Those are Windows solutions though.

Oh, and playlists… smart playlists through Fireflys web interface, and a few static ones, generated through (shame on me!) Slimserver.