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Reply To: Streaming Mt-daapd to Soundbridge – iTunes playlists problem



Let me attempt to step back and look at the bigger picture, maybe there’s another way…

I want to keep all of my music on a network server. This is currently an unslung NSLU2, with an unslung USB stick, and an attacted HD. All of the music files are on this HD.
I want to serve these music files to a Roku Soundbridge. I’d like some playlists that will help the wifey sort through music.
Currently, I really like to create playlists and otherwise organize my library with iTunes, it’s very easy to use (on the front end).
What I’d hope to do is:

1. Import CD-ROMs using iTunes and ALAC, saving them to my iTunes Music folder (set in iTunes preferences), which is currently:
\MediaSlugdisk 1Music Library
and organized so that iTunes sees my files like this:
\MediaSlugdisk 1Music LibraryArtistAlbumsong.m4a

2. Wifey uses a different login on the same computer. Her iTunes would reference the same music files on the Slug. Preferrably, she would save out her own playlists, and not see mine in iTunes, but I suppose that’d be asking too much. A compromise we’d both settle for is to open the same iTunes Music Library.xml and edit our playlists (and ratings, and tags, etc) together.

3. Somehow transfer our iTunes playlists from iTunes to the Soundbridge. Preferrably automatically. Hence, if I make a new smart iTunes playlist that only plays songs with titles containing the letter “Z”, then the Soundbridge would automatically see that new playlist. What happens in between is not important to me. Is this somehow possible?

4. If it’s not possible, then I’m not entire opposed to creating a windows scheduled task that daily “backs up” the iTunes Music Library.xml file from whatever location it has to live at to:
\MediaSlugdisk 1Music LibraryiTunes Music Library.xml
I suppose that would work.

5. However, it seems like the solution I want is for iTunes to open up, reference the iTunes Music Library.xml that is located at the top level of the MediaSlugdisk 1Music Library and go from there. Is it not possible to instruct iTunes to do this? Currently, the iTunes Music Library.xml file lives at
My Computer/My Documents/My Music/iTunes
and I cannot figure out how to move it…


How is this working out for anyone else?
Thanks for all of the help.