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Reply To: Streaming Mt-daapd to Soundbridge – iTunes playlists problem



@alan_birch wrote:

I’d like to control detail of the music library with iTunes. I’ve changed my iTunes around to use the library saved on the Slug. So I’m going on faith that as I add new songs, create and change playlists, etc. etc. that mt-daapd will pick it all up and roll it down to the Roku.

Gotcha. I think what you’ll find is that the “live” iTunes Music Library.xml (which is the one that gets changed when you modify playlists) is going to live in your “My Music” folder on your windows machine. Since that isn’t on your slug, your slug probably won’t pick it up unless that file gets moved or copied to the slug.

You can manually do that, or maybe set up a batch file or some kind of script to do that whenever you log on or log off or something of that nature.

On the other hand, if you did that by changing your “my music” folder to be on the G drive, it might actually work. So I guess it kind of depends on how you have redirected your iTunes library to determine how it will work.

My guess, though, is that it probably wont, without manually copying the iTunes xml file.

— Ron