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Reply To: Streaming Mt-daapd to Soundbridge – iTunes playlists problem



@alan_birch wrote:

I moved my OLD iTunes library XML file that was located at:
/share/hdd/data/public/Music Library/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml

(mind you, when the XML file was here, all of my playlists showed up in the Firefly Web Admin page AND on the Soundbridge, but the Soundbridge wouldn’t pick any songs up off of the playlists)

Anyway, I did a straight cut and paste of this file to here:
/share/hdd/data/public/Music Library/iTunes Music Library.xml
So now this file sits on top of where all of the song files are
(they are located like this:
/share/hdd/data/public/Music Library/Artist/Album/Song)

the problem is now the playlists do not show up in the Firefly Web Admin page anymore. This is after I performed a “Start Scan” and a “Start Full Scan”.

I wonder what next.

And the server is actually running on the slug, right?

Can you set up the server with a debug level of 9, truncate logs set to yes, and a logfile specified?

Then make it do a full scan, then shut it down, zip and email me the log file at [email protected]?

I don’t think I understand what’s up, and I might not be able to without being able to see the whole paths and stuff.

Something isn’t right.

— Ron