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Reply To: Streaming Mt-daapd to Soundbridge – iTunes playlists problem



@alan_birch wrote:

OK, that’s starting to make sense. Thanks.
I had my music originally stored on my desktop computer at G:Music Library. So the path to a particular song would be:
G:Music LibraryArtistAlbumSong
and then I had my iTunes folder at:
G:Music LibraryiTunes
So it sounds like I need to rework the Slug filing and then manually edit (find and replace) in the xml file.
I don’t have time to do it right now, but I’ll get into it later and post results.
Thanks again for the clue…

Okay, so mt-daapd is running on the slug, right? And it’s a nightly build, right?

You copied “g:music library” right across to the slug, as /share/hdd/data/music or something, right? And now its something like:



If so, as long as the “Artist/Album/Song” is the same heirarchy as it was on the G drive, then you should be okay. Just copy the .xml file to the “music” folder — the folder right above “Artist”, it should pick it up okay.

— Ron.

Oh. Or is the G drive mapped to your slug?

If so, you could symlink /share/hdd/data/Music Library/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml to /share/hdd/data/Music Library/iTunes Music Library.xml

If that makes sense.