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Reply To: Streaming Mt-daapd to Soundbridge – iTunes playlists problem



@alan_birch wrote:

Anyone know of the top of their head what might be the problem? Thanks in advance.

Can’t translate the path from your xml file to the path on the slug.

Either the file structure on the slug is different than the file structure that the xml file was based on, or the xml file isn’t directly above the music files in the path heirarchy.

For example… say your iTunes has an entry for:

c:musicministrypsalm 691 Jesus built my hotrod.mp3

And you copied it to the slug as:

/mnt/hdd/data/public/mp3/ministry/psalm 69/01 Jesus build my hotrod.mp3

Then everything would be okay so long as the xml file was in the mp3 folder. It would know that c:music should be replaced with /mnt/hdd/data/public/mp3

If you made a directory called “playlists” or something, and threw the xml file in there, where it wasn’t directly above the music, it won’t work.

So those are really the two things that have to happen. Same structure. xml above the music.

— Ron