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Reply To: "push" songs to SoundBridge



Yeah, just found it accidently through that other topic where it was recommended regarding ifconfig 😉

At least its not a standard port… I already played around with ‘sketch’… the thing you would be looking for is ‘rpc’ to open the RPC interface though.

There are functions ListNowPlayingQueze as well as NowPlayingClear and NowPlayingInsert, which sounds like exactly what you would need… but without a documentation of the parameters, they would be difficult to implement.
Also, ListPlaylists doesnt return anything but “Disconnected” (the unit continues to play though) for me, otherwise that would be even better I suppose.
If you can find a documentation of the RPC commands somewhere, I could try to put something together, I just recently did a small thing for SqueezeBoxes, but never finished since the CLI there crashed all the time.