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Reply To: "push" songs to SoundBridge



I can’t open a telnet port to my SB 😯 Was that a guess or is there some trick to get one? 😉

What I do find though is the web interface. Which at least allows:
* Start, Stop, Pause, Forward, Backward
* Repeat mode, Shuffle mode
* Volume
* Title, Album, Artist (see, not select)

So interfacing the HTTP site is not really complicated imho, but everything going beyond that in regards of control would probably need to be already inside the SBs firmware.

A SB (SqueezeBox) is more flexible there in that it can be controlled completely from the server, but on the other hand the server software for it is sooo slow on a NAS that I like my SB (SoundBridge) so much more 😀

Other methods, like having a dedicated server streaming just one stream that gets combined on the server on the fly is a bit farfechted 😀 Though maybe you could define a special file type, and as the transcoding script, use a script that would create a stream as wanted… very complicated though, and could not be selected in a fully automated way unless its the only one on the server and you would just need to use the http interface to press play (since its the only one, and even then I wouldnt know if Play on a freshly booted SB would start the first file, or you had to do more first).