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@nickotron: oh, sorry for the misunderstanding, I did read this here:

Roku and iTunes (that happened to be running at the same time on the same PC) were both still visible but when I try to connect to either I get “Connection to Server Failed”.

I guess the to then meant from 😉

Well, so if its just the server that crashes, could you post the log entries around the time of such a crash here?

@fizze: what exactly would be “static DHCP”? Isn’t DHCP always dynamic? 😉
I use the standard dhcpd using dhcpd.conf to give a fixed address to some hosts. Why doesn’t this make sense? default-lease-time and max-lease-time are a setting for the whole subnet, and the manpage for dhcpd.conf doesn’t even list how to set an “eternal” lease time at all.
So while the client uses dynamic IPs through DHCP, the server setting will always provide the same IP (that way, I can manage IPs in a central place, and still have mostly static ones without a chance of conflicts due to forgetting that one was already in use). The 6 hour max lease-time never harmed any Windows, Linux or Mac client, and with the new firmware seems to not harm the SB either.