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Reply To: iTunes Playlists not showing up – again



@mediaman wrote:

Ok, browsed the complete forum and finally found that the itunes library.xml location has to be added as 2nd music directory in the firefly config. I did that but no luck at all with playlists. Smart playlists created on firefly show up properly in Roku but custom created ones in iTunes don’t. The rest works fine.

Here’s my config: XP SP2, iTunes 7.x, Firefly 1.0 (the one from the roku webpage), Pinnacle branded Soundbridge running 2.7.43 (beta).

Any help highly appreciated.

Cheers Stefan

P.S. Apart from this issue Firefly works great – brilliant work!!

In your “c:program filesfirefly music server” should be a “mt-daapd.conf”. Can you post that?