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Reply To: Playback stops directly after background scan (mipsel 2.4.0)



@wouter wrote:

I’m running the mt-daapd 2.4.0 mipsel ipkg on an Asus WL-500g premium router with attached USB drive.

The 0.2.x line is very different than nightlies. I really don’t have a good handle anymore for what 0.2.x does and why.

The firefly server appears to be running well, the webinterface works, I can scan my files on startup and I can see the iTunes share on both my iMac and iBook in iTunes, as well as in XBMC on my XBOX. When I start playback, the mp3’s get streamed ok, but playback consistently stopped on me in the middle of a track, everytime after about 10 minutes. This happened on both iTunes as well as XBMC. With iTunes I could just re-start playback and it would stop after another 10 minutes, XBMC refuses to play anything after that.

That sounds like maybe db contention after updates. After an update, the db version changes, and clients request new copies of the database. That locks the database, and can potentially tie up the server for some time. Particularly if you have multiple clients connected.

I’m also having a completely unrelated playback issue with XBMC, somehow XBMC only wants to play songs when they are started in the ‘files’ view. As soon as I start one from the ‘library’ view (or when I start ‘party mode’), I get a “404: daapd://[..]: file not found” in the FireFly log, and from that point on XBMC doesn’t play *any* file from FireFly anymore (it does request them, but now all files get 404, even when started from the ‘files’ view). I’m still looking into this and will create a separate post for this when I find out more.

The problem I have right now is that it doesn’t work with xbmc *at all* with the nightlies line.

I think you best solution would be to upgrade to nightlies once I have it working with xbmc. I have a couple people beating up on me via im about just that, so I hope to spend some time on that in the next few days.