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@eladrrats wrote:

MT-DAAPD has been terrific so far, but I would absolutely love to see streaming video support. I have an apple tv and it can’t play videos from daapd so it leaves me between a rock and a hard place. I love daapd, but in order to play my movies, I’d have to hack the apple tv or switch to a “native” iTunes source. Does anyone have any clues on when streaming video formats might be supported in daapd? I saw a suggestion posted on another page that related to this project about a streaming plugin:

thanks so much

I don’t believe anything will ever support streaming to appletv. The handshake between the appletv and a media source requires a private x.509 certificate. Even if someone were to dig it out of iTunes, then apple would generate a new certificate and break it the next version of iTunes.

— Ron