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Reply To: mt-daapd: Multiple shares per computer?



@ccrdude wrote:

(edit: to test, someone could hack Firefly to just return the standard database twice, just with a different name, as a response to the first request, since it already delivers the first databases contents when one tries to access /databases/43/ or whatever one 😉 )

Did that some time ago. Seems to only supports the one database (and that with an ID of 1). At least it did as of iTunes 4 or 5 or so.

I wondered if they were going to make one system-wide daap server, and let iTunes, iPhoto, and iMovie (I had assumed they would put movie sharing in as well) use the system daemon under different dbs. But they moved another way — using a separate daap (dpap?) server for iPhoto and merging movie sharing into iTunes.

I would imagine it still doesn’t work.

— Ron