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Reply To: mt-daapd: Multiple shares per computer?



Multiple Firefly servers on the same network, or even same machine, are easy, I know 🙂

What I was – purely theoretical – thinking about was this:

GET http://w.x.y.z:3689/databases?session-id=4&revision-number=1 HTTP/1.1
Client-DAAP-Version: 3.2
Client-DAAP-Access-Index: 1

dmap.status=0x000000C8 (200)
dmap.updatetype=0x00 (0)
dmap.specifiedtotalcount=0x00000001 (1)
dmap.returnedcount=0x00000001 (1)


dmap.itemid=0x00000001 (1)
dmap.itemcount=0x00000F (15)
dmap.containercount=0x0000000A (10)


GET http://w.x.y.z:3689/databases/1/containers?session-id=4&revision-number=1 HTTP/1.1
Client-DAAP-Version: 3.2

As you can see, the DAAP protocol is able to support multiple databases on one and the same server accessed through a single port, and each access URL specifies which database to access in a prominent way.

iTunes never offered a way to use this imho though, so I’m not sure if iTunes – or the SB – would display those if they were available.

If, and only if, they would, that would be a memory-saving (one process less) alternative to multiple instances.

(edit: to test, someone could hack Firefly to just return the standard database twice, just with a different name, as a response to the first request, since it already delivers the first databases contents when one tries to access /databases/43/ or whatever one 😉 )

(edit #2: and thats only the daap protocol, not fitting Pinnacle-branded Soundbridges I just remembered 😉 ).