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Reply To: Solaris build – looking for init.d/functions folder…



Thanks, guys, for your feedback.

I do have a Solaris startup script – it’s working fine. I’ll happily post here when the final installation is done. I’ve used the files generated by make in the contrib folder; these include the conf, playlist and startup script files.

My question remains, though: My original build put an include statement in the startup script. This line was looking for a file at: /etc/init.d/functions

Hmmm. OK, so I created ‘functions’ as a directory –
This caused startup to hiccup; complaining that /etc/init.d/functions is a directory.

So, I assumed it should be a file! OK, so where – and what is – this file? Does it even matter? Should I care?

If I comment this line out, startup is fine. Gotta finish setup and do some debugging.