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@drlou wrote:

All –

I’ve successfully built mt-daapd on Solaris, with prefix=/usr/local. So far, so good!

Granted, gotta do some modifications to the configuration file, but it is looking for a folder /etc/init.d/functions. Where should this be? What is it?

Or is it simply an empty folder which I should create and reference?

Thanks in advance. Lou

That’s a redhat thing… it has the stuff for that.

Generally, to start it, start it with -c /path/to/conf/file”, and kill it with something like:

kill -TERM `cat /var/run/`

That is, send a SIGTERM to the process in the pidfile.

You’ll want to wrap that in regular solaris init.d scripts — I don’t have any or know how the work particularly, so I might suggest modifying one of your existing startup scripts as a way to generate a startup script for it.

— Ron