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@vahtryn wrote:

Well with the announcement of the Apple TV I’ve started to consider setting up a centralized NAS to hold onto a boat load of media. I’m not adverse to purchasing the biggest disks I can right now in order to store as much of it as I can though there are some things nagging me.

First off I just bought a NLSU2 and plan on flashing it into a linux box. I found out about this project while reading up on NAS solutions for the home. I don’t see this as too much of a problem as the directions are pretty straight forward and I’ve installed linux onto some crazy things in the past.

I did read that there is a limitation of mt-daapd that the files can only be served from one disk. Is this true? If so can I create sym links to other file systems to get around this constraint? Any plans on changing this in the future?

I built myself just recently a home NAS system with an RAID5 array (960GB) and have my MP3/fotos/videos etc. on it. Since it acts as a single HD, there are no problems with mt-daap. Additionally I have a certain amount of data-safety.

@rpedde wrote:

I fully intend to have this working before iTV ships, though, as mine is already on pre-order.

Great, since mine is on pre-order since yesterday aswell. I’m looking forward to see if iTV only streams from iTunes, or also does file based streaming (mayby over AFP ?)