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@vahtryn wrote:

I did read that there is a limitation of mt-daapd that the files can only be served from one disk. Is this true? If so can I create sym links to other file systems to get around this constraint? Any plans on changing this in the future?

That limitation is with the stable release (the 0.2.x line). The nightlies are beyond that, and are in fact what you will need to stream video anyway. More on that later.

How do I go about creating a video file to use through this or at least through iTunes? How would I make sure that it had 5.1? How would I go about getting the best resolution (since apparently the apple tv does 780p)?

I think it’s pretty straightforward — mpeg4 or h.264. If you are on a mac platform, I think handbrake would be the easiest way — it’s a one-step transcoder (two, if you count putting in the dvd).

On a straight-up linux platform, you’ll need something else. Transcode? vlc? mplayer? Not sure, exactly.

Finally, how does this work with purchases from iTMS? Between me and my girl we have some tracks that were purchased on iTunes as well as one television show. I’d like to make sure I can use those as well.

These should work as well, in a perfect world.

Some caveats are in order. Currently, the nightlies will serve movies to an iTunes client. Something isn’t right with the metadata, though — it just copies the whole file to the client and then starts playing. Not sure why. Problem with the metadata somehow. Same thing with FrontRow — it doesn’t like connecting to a firefly server. I need to take a closer look at the metadata iTunes sends and figure out whats going on.

I fully intend to have this working before iTV ships, though, as mine is already on pre-order.

Thanks in advance.

np… yell if you run into anything.

— Ron