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Reply To: Preventing full reload



Im right now doing some reserach in this matter…

Its no permission thing though the files are in the same directory…

It dont say there are any problem, but I found something peculiar…

When I look at the tags in “MP3-tag”, “Windows explorer” and “Winamp” they all look good. (Some of them differed between v1 and v2, but that shuoldnt be a problem=? Right?)

But Firefly doesnt index the Artist-tag, (This is an assumption though I cant brows these songs by artist, but the are displayd in genre or if I serch for their song name.)

As a test, I tried to restate the Artist, with the exact same name, and saved the ID-tags…
…and voila! Firefly now also indexed the Artist-tag.
Almost everything solved this way, with a new resaved ID-tag. Just almost though, I shall try to resave the files that are badly iondexed again.
And see if that works.

Thought you could find yhis info intresting.

//Martin Stegmark