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Yeh, I got the impression you where insulted by my question. I appologise for bad english…
(This was the best swedish teachers could do with me in nine years of english-studies! :-))

I fully understand that this is a great undertaking and that you not can implement functions and features just because I think something isnt allright.

But my second question is still a mystery…

It seems like Firefly is “serving” all my songs (according to the filecount)…
…but in my soundbridge not all are listed…

In my musicfolder I have an artist folder and in the artistfolder I have a folder for each record. And for Artist A, only Vol 2 can be found by Soundbridge…
..strange ey?

All mp3, all with nifty looking ID-tags…

Artist A
– Vol 1
– Vol 2
– Vol 3

Have this happend before?