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Reply To: Preventing full reload



@blamm wrote:

I disagree. If a large percentage (configurable?) of the files are missing then clearly something may be wrong and Firefly should ask first before clearing the DB.

Again, I’ll take that patch. I imagine that if you start working on it you’ll see the difficulties inherent in it, particularly for those machines that are headless, or embedded, or basically aren’t windows machines.

And for what gain? It doesn’t change the fact that the server doesn’t work when someone tries to play a song that doesn’t exist anymore, and in fact works no better than the solutions (skip first scan & quick startup) enumerated above.

And even if it were to work spectacularly and simply, it violates the dictum of mechanism not policy. I don’t want software that stops me from shooting myself in the foot. Someday I may just want to do that. If I wanted software that stopped me from doing what I wanted, I’d just run windows and WMC and be done with it.