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Reply To: Preventing full reload



Why do Firefly continue to do full reloads?!?!?

The songs.db is 19Mb… why do it flush it and start all over again???

Itr does this when my NAS is offline. How do I prevent it???

It should just tell me:

“Your songs db looks really great! But I cant find the media” Thats the kind o messege I want when it dont find the mediafolder Ive specified…
…now it flushes the whole db and start over again and it takes about an hour before I can listen to my songs…

And, by the way, it dont sees all the songs in the dir…
…is this a known issue?

Plzzz tell me that this is going to get around, I DONT want to get stuck with mediplayer or iTunezzz

Regards Martin