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Reply To: SB + Firefly / mt-daapd (Ubuntu Edgy) fails to connect now?


Binary Jay

Ahh, I had that feeling. I was reading through the comments on the nightlies and found the one you wrote about the plugins list not being required “in the future” but I didn’t find any reference to it after that so I assumed it hadn’t yet been implemented.

Feel better now that I’m armed with a couple of leads. I’ll be sure to let you know who the culprit is when I find out. Thanks again.

@rpedde wrote:

@Binary Jay wrote:

I forgot to mention that I previously (when researching through existing posts on the board) tried to disable RSP in mt-daapd by removing it from the plugins list in the conf file. I didn’t however rename/move the file. Is removing it from the plugins list not good enough to accomplish what you suggested to force mt-daapd into DAAP only mode?

That works for the version roku distributes (based on svn-1359). It was changed to load all plugins present in the plugin_dir around 1400 or so. It was done to make it easier for distros to modularize it… specific plugins that would drag in large dependancies could be packaged separately, and by just dropping the plugin in the plugin_dir and the plugin would automatically get activated.