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Reply To: SB + Firefly / mt-daapd (Ubuntu Edgy) fails to connect now?



@Binary Jay wrote:

The only thing that happened that I can think of which even remotely might have some effect is that there was a round of security updates to the Avahi packages that I did… but why should that effect Firefly running mDNS?

Probably shouldn’t.

You can compile to avahi with “–enable-avahi” in the config invocation, although it requires a working pkg-config (which ubuntu should have).

Basically, though, you’ve already ruled everything out. It’s not an mdns problem — the SB can see the server, as can everything else you tried, so it’s not mDNS.

It’s not a firewall issue, as your iTunes can connect to it.

You could *try* disabling the rsp module, forcing the sb to connect using daap rather than rsp. That would make it look exactly like an iTunes client, and you will have eliminated everything that’s different between a wireless iTunes client and a wireless SB.

Stop the mt-daapd server, and rename /usr/share/mt-daapd/plugins/ to something else., maybe.

Then restart the server. Then your soundbridge should be connecting via daap. That’s the only thing left to exclude (on the server side, anyway) — a bug in the rsp module that doesn’t get exposed when you use a daap client.

— Ron