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Reply To: SB + Firefly / mt-daapd (Ubuntu Edgy) fails to connect now?



well, it could be the old multicast over WLAN router issue, but I dont think so.

You should consider trying to upgrade to 2.7beta4 , Im running it without any drawbacks. But thats only me. No guarantee of course. Meh. :-/

Is the SB your only wireless device?

Well, I know notice that you run DD-WRT. I ran that too and had nothing but trouble with it. I thought its a hardware problem, but as soon as I slapped HyperWRT Thibor on the WRT54 everything was smooth and stable and without a hitch since then.

If there isnt a specific reason for you to use DD-WRT, then Id recommend to switch to Thibor – its featurest aint bad – and it has been stable for me like hell.