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Yes–svn1463. I’m also using the current SB beta with the M1001; the Roku Radio still has the release version. Thanks so much for being willing to help!

I haven’t heard that before. Does this happen with *every* song? Or just specific songs?

OK, I’ve been working with this and trying to narrow down what causes it. I now know WHAT causes it, but I still don’t know why. But I can work around it now, at least.

Here’s what I found:
I have lots of Napster files (unprotected) in mp3 that I converted to mp4 to save ipod space. The mp4 files play just fine on the ipod, with no “dead air” trailing. However, through Firefly, there is about 15 seconds of space at the end of each of those files. My solution was to revert to the mp3 files just for using through Firefly; fortunately, I didn’t have to do them all over for the ipod. Now I’ve pointed Firefly at a specific directory that does not update automatically that I keep separate from itunes.

It’s a workaround, but it works. And that’s what counts to me.