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@neomad wrote:

Is theer any way to see how many songs served totaly, since Ive installed Firefly. As is right now, it restarts the counter when down.

Right now, only by groveling through the log files.

I’ve been (slowly!) working through building a lua scripting module though. I eventually hope to be able to write server-side scripts in lua, so one could keep long-term statistics, build web pages, or do other interesting things from the server automatically.

It’s not done yet, but I hope soon I’ll have it added to the nightlies.

What happens during a scan / full scan?

A regular scan compares the “last scanned” time and the modified time on a file. If the file has been changed since the last time it was indexed, it re-checks the metainfo and updates the database.

On a full scan, it drops the songs table, and rescans everything.

Wich is the quickest way to add songs to the Lib?

Drop the files in the music directory somewhere and force a scan.

— Ron