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Reply To: Migrating music server from XP/media connect to BSD/mt-daapd



@leonamedsteve wrote:

I’m migrating my music storage from WinXP with media connect to my dedicated home server running OpenBSD with mt-daapd to eliminate the need for this XP box.

Unfortunately, as a newbie to mt-daapd, I’m having issues, and cannot get any of my Rokus to see the subscription content….no music. I’m obviously missing something…. Suggestions to what I should look at? I’ve run out of ideas.

You’ll want to compile a nightly version, particularly if you are using a pinnacle branded soundbridge.

Those are available here:

I haven’t compiled it very recently on openbsd, but it does compile on osx, which is fairly bsdish.

In any event, you’ll want to uninstall the 0.2.4 version, if that’s what you ahve installed, and make a fresh copy of the template config file in contrib. The config files are very different — please don’t run nightlies with a 0.2.4 config file, make sure to use a new one.

If that doesn’t go, I’ll need more info. Like, what version you are running, what specificially happens — do you see the server in the roku but can’t connect, or whatever.

— Ron