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@ccrdude wrote:

How about assigning an additional genre like “Christmas Songs” or “XMas” to those songs, and adding a ( … ) AND (NOT GENRE = ‘XMas’) (from memory, syntax doesn’t have to be 100% correct) to the smart playlist?

Hmmm… does the Firefly database support multiple genres for files? I only recently started updating my tags thus and haven’t looked it up yet (if not, you can always use the christmas genre as the main genre for the files).

What application lets you specify multiple genres? And how?

Seems like id3v2 allows multiple id3v1 byte-tags using a format like:


to specify multiple genres with id3v1 lookup, but it doesn’t specify how to do multiple ad-hoc genres.

I’ve personally been doing it like:

electronic/christmas/death metal

and then use:

genre !includes “christmas”

which works to exclude that. I have an awesome electronic christmas death metal collection, btw.

— Ron