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Reply To: Help designate correct Music Folder in Web Admin for NSLU.



@alan_birch wrote:

I don’t exactly understand what you’re saying, I copied the files over in Windows explorer, so I don’t know what my user status was. I did change my “Run As” setting in the Firefly admin window to “admin” but that doesn’t really change anything.

Can anyone else help?

I don’t know how the ntfs stuff works with the slug. Since ntfs doesn’t have the same concept of user, group, everyone that unix os’ have, it’s probably dummied up when it mounts the drive.

The thing to do is to look at the files in that directory from the slug side:

ls /share/hdd/data/HDD_1_1_1/Music

and see who the owner is. Then run the firefly server as that user. (by changing the “runas” parameter).

I think that should work.

edit: And a couple disclaimers: if that user is root, then that’s a security problem on the server. I’d make sure I didn’t let that machine be visible on the internet if the mt-daapd server was running as root.

Also, be aware that the ntfs performance on the slug is awful. It might take longer than you expect to browse, or scan the database. Probably still be usable, just slower than you might expect.

— Ron