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Reply To: Firefly iTunes 7 – no music files, no web configuration page


Sven GT

It sure looks like the path to the music files might be typoed. Can you double check it?

Another possibility might be if the path to the music files contains special (non US) characters. That could be something as well.

A newer nightly *should* fix that, although I have only a limited ability to test it, as I don’t have very many files with non-english filenames and stuff.

Well, thanks for that. In the path there was a character Ä, in Ägaren (means user). I moved the music files to another path with only standard characters and it did the trick. 😀

On Firefox ….
I think I still call this browser Mozilla – sorry I did not understand it directly. I tried with Firefox and the configuration works now.
I do have IE 6, not 7 … so there must be another issue.
Could it be that my IE blocks something so the page only shows the title ‘Configuration’ when clicking on it ? 😯