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Can you get a network capture of it at the time of the disconnect? It would be nice to know who is resetting the connection — the soundbridge or the firefly server. If it’s the soundbridge, then we might have to take it to them.

I can try, if anyone wants to suggest some good pointers as to a good way to do it, I’ll appreciate it.

Should be able to use wireshark if on windows. Google for the windows binary for it. You can set up a filter like “tcp.port == 3689” or whatever port you are using on the server. Then tell it to start capturing on the interface on the server you have connected to the network.

Then just start capturing until you get a skip. Stop capturing, save the capture, and that’s it.

Those are kind of big-picture instructions — there are more details on how to select what interface to capture, etc, but I think you’ll find it isn’t too bad.

Once you’ve got a capture of the event, you can save just a few frames — the ones near the disconnect, and then it will be easy to see what’s going on.

Yell if this is too terse.

— Ron